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Established in 1888, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury, affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, is one of the oldest Clubs in the United States. The first Club rooms were opened on North Main and Kingsbury Streets in Waterbury. In 1905, the Boys Club was built on Cottage Place. In 1963, the Club on East Main Street was opened. The Club became the Anderson Boys Club in 1986. In 2006, the Club began admitting girls as members and became the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury.

From the beginning, the Club has been providing safe and positive after school programs, including sports, recreation, arts and educational, to thousands of Greater Waterbury's neediest youth. Because of the Club, these young people started great futures as caring, productive and responsible citizens. The Club's programing centers around academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character and citizenship. The Club believes that positive youth development comes from five elements: safe, positive environment; fun; supportive relationships; opportunities and expectations; and recognition. These elements are woven into every program.

The Club serves young people grades K - 12, primarily in its after-school programs. The Club also runs an eight (8) week day camp during summer vacation.

By providing a wide range of educational

and recreational opportunities, a safe environment, and supportive relationships, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury helps young people who need it most to discover their interests, have a positive outlook for their future, and be confident, successful stewards of their communities.

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Strategic Plan

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The Club's fiscal year runs from July 1 ' June 30 and annually, in December, the Club issues an Annual Report.

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